My child is a bully… now what?

It is highly unpleasant for parents to learn from other parents or teachers that their child has become the perpetrator and bully. The gut reaction of most parents is unbelief, that there must be some mix-up or that something is being blamed on their child. However, the reality is that almost every child can become […]

How to tell if your child could be getting bullied at school

According to experts, children affected by bullying can react in very different ways: Some are intimidated and withdraw to no longer be a target. They might turn off their computer or smartphone as soon as their parents or friends come near. Others react aggressively or become ill. One sign parents always should be aware of […]

How to talk to your child about bullying

Make bullying a topic at the dinner table. The best time to start talking about bullying at school or the after-school care center is BEFORE your child was bullied. You will be amazed at the knowledge the children have on this topic. Some of the talking points could be: What is bullying? What motivates some […]